When it comes to stocking up on travel must-haves, Amazon is a great source for many travelers. Whatever destination you're heading to, such as a city, beach, or cozy mountain getaway, Amazon has products to make your trip and the journey a little less stressful.

For the ultimate trip, we have gathered the top travel essentials in apparel, tech, organization and more to ensure that you have everything you need. These items can also make great gifts for friends and family who love to travel.

25 Travel Items You Can Order Today

Whether you’re flying, on a road trip, or taking the train, you can take advantage of all of these items to make your experience stress-free and even more memorable. As a Prime member, you will have access to a large number of these items for free on delivery, as Amazon offers fast and free shipping as a Prime perk on most of these items below.

Amazon Travel Items for the Plane, Train or Car

Whether you are traveling long distances or short, transportation can sometimes be uncomfortable. Whether it's propping up your feet or feeling cleaner, these items are designed to make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable.

Inflatable Travel Pillow

Price: $21.95

Why you need it: Sleeping and looking down at your device on long flights and car rides are made easier with this pillow. 

The inflatable travel pillow can be easily propped on your tray table or lap during long trips to prevent neck strain. Several customers praise how easy it is to inflate to use and deflate for easy storage.

Airplane Window Ledge

Price: $17.99

Why you need it: You can use the tray table for your belongings and keep your drinks close at hand with this space-saving device.

With this window ledge, you can save space on your tray table and prevent spills due to overcrowding. This ledge can fit most commercial airline windows without damaging them. It also makes it easier to get up to use the restroom.

Antibacterial Hand Wipes

Price: $15.69

Why you need it: These wipes will keep your area clean and help you avoid getting sick.

When traveling, wet wipes are essential for keeping germs at bay. You can use them to clean arm rests, tray tables and any other area that needs a little extra care.

Hanging Footrest

Price: $21.99

Why you need it: When you're traveling for long periods of time, you'll appreciate the ability to stretch out your legs in this adjustable hammock.

The foot hammock fits easily onto your tray table and allows you to prop your feet up while reducing knee pressure. Several reviewers have said this item worked best for people who are shorter.

Airplane Earplugs

Price: $17.99

Why you need it: These earplugs reduce pressure and overall noise levels to make travel more comfortable. 

As well as eliminating pain caused by change in cabin pressure during takeoff and landing, these earplugs also help to dampen noises while allowing you to hear your surroundings. These can also be incredibly helpful for loud places like nightclubs to protect your hearing.

Amazon Travel Tech Items

These items will keep you connected on the move, whether it's a mount for your phone or storage space for all your gear.

Bluetooth Earbud Transmitter

Price: $54.99

Why you need it: This device connects your Bluetooth earbuds to in-flight monitors, saving you money on needing to purchase wired headphones.

Bluetooth earbuds, like AirPods, are a popular and convenient way to listen to music on the go, but many planes don’t have the ability to pair Bluetooth to the monitors. This device bridges that gap and allows you to connect up to two headphones simultaneously.

Hands Free Phone Holder

Price: $12.97

Why you need it: By using this phone mount, you can watch your device hands free and keep neck pain at bay. 

Hands-free viewing of movies and TV shows on your phone is made possible with this durable phone holder easily mounted to your tray table with a spring based clamp. As a bonus, the mount swivels so you can angle it to your liking. 

Multi-USB Charger

Price: $23.99

Why you need it: This allows you to charge a large number of portable devices and chargers at the same time without using a lot of space.

It doesn't matter whether you are traveling alone or with others, there is always something that needs to be plugged in at the end of the night. This USB port allows you to charge up to 6 things at once while keeping everything organized and accessible. 

Travel Plug Adapter

Price: $12.99

Why you need it: With this adapter, you'll never be without power while traveling abroad.

It's important to have the proper adapters for your electronics on hand since there are so many different types of plugs around the world. There are also plug types for countries and continents outside of Europe, such as the UK and India, available from this brand. 

Electronic Organizer

Price: $12.99

Why you need it: This case keeps hard drives, SD cards and cords safe and tangle-free.

There is plenty of room in this electronic organizer for your gadgets and their accessories. The material is made of waterproof and soft sponge to keep everything protected. It comes in a variety of colors and either a single layer or double layer. 

Luggage Must Haves

Your luggage will be easier to organize, more secure, and more convenient to use with these products below.

Jet Bag Bold

Price: $13.99

Why you need it: Protect any bottles in your bag in a variety of sizes with these padded bags.

One of the best parts of traveling is bringing home unique souvenirs, such as a bottle of wine, liquor or a perfume bottle. These bags help protect your bottle from any impact on the travel back. They also come in a variety of designs if you plan to gift the bottle to someone. 

Luggage Cup Holder

Price: $10.19

Why you need it: Not only will this make your journey through the airport a lot easier, but it will also keep your coffee and tea safe from spilling.

Hanging Toiletry Bag

Price: $23.99

Why you need it: You can keep all of your toiletries in this bag and prevent them from spilling out onto your clothes.

All of your toiletries can be organized in one bag and saved from cluttering up your luggage. The best part is that you can hang this bag on your bathroom door at your destination so you can easily access all your makeup and toiletries once you get there. 

Packing Cubes

Price: $24.98

Why you need it: You can keep your luggage organized with these space savers and pack more in your suitcase 

Many travelers tout the benefits of using packing cubes and there’s a great reason why. These cubes allow you to keep your clothes organized and easy to find, as well as save plenty of space for souvenirs or extra clothes.

TSA Approved Locks

Price: $13.95

Why you need it: These locks keep the items in your bag secure and safe during travel. 

For travelers, locks are an essential addition to their luggage, as they prevent luggage from being accidentally opened during transit or from being opened by someone else. You should choose TSA-approved locks so that the security team can easily access your bag if needed.

Amazon Travel Apparel 

The most important thing on travel days is comfort. These items below let you fly comfortably without sacrificing style.  

Yoga Pants with Pockets

Price: $24.99

Why you need it: These pants are equally comfortable and stylish, and allow you to keep items like your phone or plane ticket close by. 

These pants have multiple pockets, so your belongings will always be close at hand. They are available in a variety of colors and sizes, and they are often praised for their comfort during extended travel.

Compression Socks

Price: $13.99

Why you need it: During long flights, trains, and car rides, compression socks help reduce swelling and increase circulation. 

Travelers praise compression socks for keeping their feet comfortable during long trips since they help reduce pain, swelling and fatigue. The shoes come in two sizes to accommodate most foot sizes.

Fleece Lined Jacket

Price: $19.99

Why you need it: A lightweight jacket that is super warm and perfect for cold flights

Flight air conditioning can often be quite chilly, so packing a lightweight jacket that fits in your carry on or backpack is essential. Many reviewers praise the jacket for being the perfect addition to their wardrobe to stay warm. (It is important to note, however, that the sizes run small.)

Fleece Hoodie

Price: $14.58

Why you need it: Warm and affordable, this hoodie is ideal for colder destinations.

With so many colors and sizes to choose from, this hoodie is perfect for winter vacations and cold climates. In addition, it stays super soft for a long time, so you will always feel comfortable wearing it.

Relaxed Fit Sweatpants

Price: $31.99

Why you need it: Sweatpants are a reliable option for travel days due to their comfort.  

Perfect for travel days, you can wear these sweatpants alone or layer them over leggings for added warmth. These tend to run big so it’s recommended you order a size down.

Amazon Travel Items Under $20

There is no reason that you cannot treat yourself to some extra goodies for your journey even when you are on a budget. All these items below are perfect for both your travels and your wallet. 

10-Pack of Luggage Tags

Price: $6.99

Why you need it: This 10-pack gives you plenty of backup tags to use in case you lose or damage your current luggage tags. 

It is easier to spot luggage at baggage claim if it has brightly colored tags like these. It’s also vital to have backups in case you purchase extra luggage for souvenirs or need to replace your current one. 

TSA Approved Travel Bottles

Price: $14.79

Why you need it: You can travel with just your carry-on and never worry about your toiletries

Whether it’s a weekend trip, spring break or simply a desire to pack light, traveling with just a carry-on has gotten more popular in recent years, which makes having TSA approved containers for toiletries essential. With this pack, you can carry any toiletries you need on your travels in a variety of container types.

Portable Mini Perfume Atomizer

Price: $9.99

Why you need it: You can pack a small amount of your favorite perfume in this container without worrying about leaking or breaking the bottle.

Take your perfume with you wherever you go with these refillable bottles. The ease of filling it up and its durability in bags have been praised in many reviews.

Collapsible Water Bottle

Price: $11.99

Why you need it: This space-saving, TSA-friendly bottle can be refilled anywhere

When traveling, staying hydrated can make the whole experience more enjoyable. Instead of relying on overpriced water in gift shops, this bottle allows you to refill it at the water fountain and easily collapses down for storage. 

Portable Phone Charger

Price: $11.97

Why you need it: You can stay connected anywhere with this portable charger. 

A portable charger like this one takes up little space in your bag when you're on the go. With its low price point and rapid charging capability, this charger is one of the best deals around.

It's that simple to have a great vacation

There's no doubt that you will find the perfect items at Amazon to enhance your trip to the next level. Whether it's new technology, organization, or just fun items, you're sure to find what you need.


What items should I bring when traveling with a backpack only?

It’s important when traveling only with a backpack to pack light, the items above are recommended to put in your luggage, as well as a small bag to put dirty clothes in and keep them isolated from the rest of your clothes.

What travel items do you absolutely need?

Although the answer to this question can be subjective, some of the most important items that you will need to bring are your passport, phone and charger, the appropriate currency for your destination, and a sturdy pair of walking shoes.

Can you send Amazon items to a hotel?

It is entirely possible to order items from Amazon to your hotel. However, it’s important to ask the front desk about their policy to ensure your package will get to you safely.

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